Iphone 8 Design Confirmed in a Leak

Apple has followed the same design for three generations all  the way from iphone 6 to iphone 7, there are many internal changes from past generations even though there are minor external changes. And now iPhone 8 will celebrate the range’s 10th anniversary in style with bezel less amoled display.254091.jpg

Iphone 8

Reddit user ‘kamikasky’ has shared razor sharp photos of the iPhone 8’s front and back panels. The shots tie in perfectly with previous leaks, showing an almost bezel-less design. I say “almost” as the fascia has a small cutout at the top for the front facing camera and sensors. In addition to this there is also a vertically aligned rear camera which would aid the augmented reality ambitions revealed earlier this month in iOS 11.


Iphone 7S and 7S Plus-

                                         Alongside it are backs for an incrementally upgraded iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus which show both phones will also switch from an aluminium chassis to glass, which kamikasky says is in order to bring wireless charging.


Wireless Charging-


For this iphone’s 10th Anniversary apple may bring wireless charging to upcoming iphone line up, as the leaks are concerned iphone 7s and 7s plus will have will wireless charging intergrated by apple first time ever into an iphone. and the iphone wireless charging lineup would like this.


As always caution is important and until Tim Cook is standing with these new iPhones in his hand doubt will remain. Then again leaks have revealed the finer details of every new iPhone for generations and consistency has clearly built around the iPhone 8.