Oneplus 5! All About Power That Never Settles

            There are many smartphone manufacturers out there, Few target mid-range market, few on portability and few on budget concise phones with lot of power inbuilt. one among the budget concise phones is Oneplus.

Five Things about Oneplus 5!

  • Design-
    There has been a lot of talk around the design of the new OnePlus 5 but most turned out to be false after the company gave everyone a glimpse of the phone in an official teaser recently. From the back, the smartphone looks like iPhone 7 Plus, with the dual rear camera setup to boot. Unlike rumours that claimed vertical dual-rear camera setup, the OnePlus 5 is confirmed to sport horizontally placed sensors at the back. The phone is also likely to sport a slim profile, and is said to be “slimmest flagship smartphone” from the company. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau on Weibo had teased that the OnePlus 5 will be the slimmest flagship smartphone yet though it wasn’t clear whether he meant the slimmest among all the flagship smartphones out there or the slimmest among the OnePlus flagships.68201725233PM_635_oneplus_5_db_leak
  • Camera-
    Oneplus 5 has Dual 15 Mp lens Camera on rear side where one is telephoto lens and other is for wide angle where telephoto lens capture the the image and wide angle lens analyse the depth of pixels to produce the depth effect to simple it continuously focus on object which we want to capture and make the background blur. OnePlus CEO and co-founder Pete Lau has posted another image taken on a OnePlus 5 online. The image, which was published on Chinese social media site Weibo, depicts a man standing by some water with several boats in the background.oneplus-6
  • Chipset-
    Oneplus has never went a step behind in powering their phones with latest processor, Since oneplus flagships have a great lineup of latest processor and currently the oneplus has powered oneplus 5 with 2.4 GHz Octacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU with Adreno 540 GPU with a snapdragon processor we can expect dash charging which handles the power in the balanced way with robust performance inbuilt where the processing strength, long battery life, immersive VR experiences and cutting-edge camera capabilities which is Now enhanced with built-in machine learning, exceptional graphics and comprehensive security solutions handles it quite well.snapdragon-chip-tiny-1
  • Variants-
    Oneplus 5 will be available in two variants where one will be with 6 GB of RAM with 64 Gigs of storage which is expected to price around Rs.32,999 in India and the other one with 128 Gigs of storage with 8 GB of RAM which is expected to price around Rs.37,999 in India with some new colors to the body.opgfx
  •  Ultra Flash Storage (UFS)- OnePlus CEO Pete Lau (Liu Zuohu) has hinted that the OnePlus 5 may arrive with UFS storage on social media website Weibo. In a message posted yesterday from a OnePlus 5 device, Lau joked about how UFS storage had “become a selling point” of flagship phones. While this isn’t confirmation that UFS storage would appear in the OnePlus 5, the OnePlus team, of course, know that their social postings are being watched eagerly as we run up to the OnePlus 5’s official launch next week. Following Lau’s post, if the OnePlus 5 didn’t come with UFS storage. This flagship killer is offered with USB Type-C with the Fastest UFS Storage. android-authority-pete-lau-usf-storage-oneplus-5The above key features are out officially by Oneplus CEO Pete Lau but few features are just rumors so we can expect actual output after its launch.
    “Never Settle”